Hi folks,
Another terrific, successful project is now in the books. We gathered together, we fished and caught, and we moved one heckuva lot of fish.
I would like to thank everyone involved in this project. Most especially I would like to thank David Haight, ODFW. He may work for the “dark side”, but he sure supports our efforts every step of the way.
There were old, young, male, female, and even a few interested parties of the canine variety.
We actually had 46 people signed up on ODFW volunteer forms, but there were a couple of folks who didn’t sign up. I figure 50+. There were 23 boats, and I must tell you that the OBBAC is extremely glad we didn’t volunteer to pay fuel costs.
After making 2 trips this time, each with just over 1000 bass per trip, Dave Haight counted 2048 bass transferred out. We were very happy with transferring 800+ fish last September, but this is phenomenal. 75 of the fish went to Denman Ponds in Central Point, to replace the ones vandalized this past Spring, and the rest went to Lost Creek Lake.
To everyone who participated this year, you should be very proud. We have done a great thing for the fisheries. You can look forward to doing this one again. One other benefit to this project was that everyone had a great time. You just can’t get better than that!

Thank you all,