Here are some notes and the projected schedule of projects for 2010. I have included a picture of a new project device proposed for next year.

We also hope to conduct 2, count them, two transfers from Hyatt Lake. Many thanks to David Haight and Dan Vandyke from ODFW for allowing this, as it puts additional work on them.

After the treasurer’s report and tournament update, we discussed the upcoming boat inspections. As many of you are aware, the Oregon State Marine Board has started charging a $5.00 surcharge when you re-register your boat. That surcharge finances the new wash stations around the state. ODFW crews are training now to start performing boat inspections in the upcoming months. There will be roving teams based in Salem, Clackamas, Madras, Central Point, and Baker City. I know some inspections have already been done in selected areas. A question arose as to the interruption of tournament launches being delayed. To begin with, I understand that inspections are voluntary, and that the policy is not to interfere with tournaments. That is subject to change however, particularly if invasive species are discovered, or if infestations become more threatening. I asked if a “certificate” program, such as the one instituted in Washington, may be possible in the future. That question, as yet, remains unanswered. The OBBAC strongly recommends participation and cooperation in the event of an opportunity to have your boat inspected for invasive species. The ramifications of these destructive species in our waters are beyond calculation. The expense in money and time are tremendous, and we, the anglers, will ultimately foot the bill. A little cooperation and encouragement now will save a lot later.

We then discussed “spider blocks”. The picture below is of just such a structure. Chuck Lang, OR BASS Conservation Director, has been working at Prineville Reservoir with spider blocks for some time. He has convinced the Bureau of Land Management to try the devices in Prineville, with terrific success. They are easy to construct, and reasonably inexpensive.

I have contacted Len Vaglia, USACE, at Lost Creek Lake about the possibility of allowing spider blocks, placed below low pool, in the “no wake” zones. Len feels that there is a real possibility of allowing the blocks to be placed. After our successes in sedge and willow planting, as well as Christmas tree brush rows, we may well be moving on to more permanent structures. Len has stated he will pass the request up the chain of command, with his recommendation. To that end, and with our collective fingers crossed, we have scheduled tentative dates for building and placing spider blocks in 2010. David Haight has offered the ODFW pontoon boat (formerly used to treat Diamond Lake) to place the blocks.

Finally, we moved to the schedule of events for 2010. We have tried to place dates to minimally impact tournaments, to allow for maximum participation in the projects.

Saturday, January 30th . : Christmas tree collection and move to final collection point.

Saturday, Feb. 13th.        : Christmas tree stringing at Lost Creek Lake.

Saturday, Feb. 27th.        : OBBAC meeting. Build spider blocks.

March (date TBA)           : Spider block placement

Saturday, June 19th.       : Hyatt Lake bass transfer. Lake to be determined. (Lost Creek or Applegate)

Sunday, July 11th.            : Hyatt Lake transfer. Lake to be determined. (Lost Creek or Applegate)

Saturday, Sept. 11th.      : OBBAC 8th Annual Tournament, Galesville


Thank you to all who attended

 Spider Blocks

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