For those who have read the e-mail I sent on Friday, this is a modified version. I made an error on the Feb. 20th date, which is changed herein. I’ve also added information on some new projects we are developing in Douglas County. I’m sorry for the error, but this should correct any misinformation.

Welcome to 2011!! I hope everyone had a great holiday. Deb and I did, and that’s for sure. We had both grandsons here for the holiday. The house was messy and extremely loud, and I wouldn’t change a single thing. For those of you who missed the event, Conner Matthew, our latest family edition, was born on September 2nd.

I have enclosed the 2011 project and tournament schedule for 2011. There are also some other new things coming down the road, and I’m here to share them with you.

First, ODFW has completed the Angler Education trailer, and it is located at the office on Gregory Rd., in Central Point. If your club has an event coming up, let me know and I’ll see if we can get the trailer there. The trailers are great for Kids Fishing Day and more. By the way, they are called Family Fishing Events now, because of the desire to include the whole family, not just the kids.

In the near future, there will be an addition to the OBBAC website that some of you might find interesting. I’m hoping to post the monthly Oregon State Police Game Enforcement Field Review. I’ve just been added to the distribution list, and it relates occurrences and cases from the field. UPDATE: I received the first of the OSP newsletter, and it will be on the website soon. Incidentally, check the back of your 2011 angling license, and there is a telephone number for reporting violators. Get a boat number, a auto license number, etc., and when you can get a signal, call it in.

The US Army Corps of Engineers has asked that we NOT string Christmas trees this year. They have requested that we only string trees on alternative years, for fear of navigational hazards. In return OBBAC will be placing 50 “spider” blocks this year.

I am pleased to announce that I have been appointed to the R&E Board for 4 more years. In addition, Gary Galovich and Terry Shrader have applied for an R&E grant to cover costs of spider blocks for specific projects this year, including the ones we will be placing in Lost Creek. UPDATE: It may interest many of you to know we will be constructing and placing 50 spider blocks in 2 reservoirs in Douglas County. This project is also included in the R&E Grant being submitted in early February.

UPDATE: We will be doing a different sort of project this February, but it includes a very familiar area. Our project will be to plant cuttings in the Medco Flat area obtained from the thick brushy areas. The cuttings will be pre-cut to facilitate ease of access on Feb. 20th.

The tournament for this year will be held on Sept. 10th, and will be a 100% PAYBACK. In return, we hope that the participants will support the raffle, and we will still have a successful fundraiser. The form will be available on the OBBAC website very soon.

Here is the schedule for the coming year. You will notice only one meeting scheduled, but we decide the next meeting date as we adjourn each meeting.

Saturday, Feb. 20th – Willow planting at Lost Creek. More details of time, etc. to follow soon.

Sun. Feb. 27th – OBBAC meeting 1:00 PM, Central Point office ODFW

Saturday, March 12th – Spider Block construction, Lost Creek USACE Workshed

Mid-May – Davis Lake Transfer UPDATE: Currently planned for May 16-19

Saturday, June 18th – Hyatt Transfer

Sunday, July 10th – Hyatt Transfer

Saturday, Sept. 10th – OBBAC Tournament, Galesville Reservoir


Hope to see all of you soon.

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