Our first project of the year is fast approaching. On Sunday, Feb. 20th, we will meet at the MacGregor Visitors Center at Lost Creek Reservoir, at 9:00 AM to share coffee and doughnuts, sign the obligatory volunteer forms, get a little safety instruction, and prepare to go plant some willows. This will give most of you an opportunity to meet Justin Stegall, our new Corps representative.

For those of you who might not know it, the Visitors Center can be found by turning left onto Takelma Drive. Takelma is the first left, before the bridge, as you reach the lake. You will see MacGregor Visitor Center signs on your right. Turn in there, and join us for fun, fellowship, and hearing “fish stories”, catch up with your buddies, or just go play in the mud.

We will be cooking burgers, etc., up at the worksite again this year. The Corps of Engineers will be providing the food, and we will be cooking it. So, all are invited. Bring warm clothes, gloves, shovels, BBQ grill, etc. Let’s go have some fun. If you can think of anyone who might enjoy our day, please pass this along, or just invite them to have a fun day.

This project has sort of become the mark of the beginning of our season, so let’s all show up, have fun, plant a few (hundred) willows, and kick off the season of FISHING!!