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Thursday, 10 June 2010 03:15


This is just a quick update on what is going on in our warm water community:

Dave Haight, ODFW, and I ran (drove) over to Davis Lake in May to retrieve some of those “toad” Largemouth. We managed to gather up 365 good sized bass and transport them back to Lost Creek. I have heard reports of goodly numbers of bucketmouths being caught already, so it seems to be working. I must give a huge THANK YOU to Terry Shrader and Gary Galovich, as well as their seasonal workers, Erin and Carly, for all of their help and expertise in this annual effort.

Incidentally, as of the end of 2010, by my count, (admittedly faulty) we will have transferred over 10,000 Largemouth bass into Lost Creek.

Second, the Hyatt transfer is coming up on June 19th, at Hyatt Lake. We wholeheartedly encourage you to participate. The past few years has turned out to be a great time. We hope to transfer 2000 fish to Lost Creek and Applegate Reservoirs. The first (10:00 AM) will be moved to Lost Creek, and the 2nd (3:00 PM)will transfer to Applegate. The July 11th transfer will be planned the same way. This change in planning will be easier, rather than trying to get to Applegate twice on the same day. Debbie and I will be available to hand out ODFW volunteer forms for you to sign, and to check you in, around 6:30-7:00 AM. Please check in with us. As is our custom, OBBAC will pay for your launch/parking fees. We will be at the main resort parking lot. Please join us for a fun day of catching, not just fishing.

Until the 19th, tight lines.

Lost Creek Spider Blocks continued | Print |  E-mail
Sunday, 28 February 2010 22:21


We had a great project up at Lost Creek this weekend. It only took 3 hours to make 25 spider blocks. The Oregon Bass & Panfish Club did 34 blocks up at Henry Hagg Lake at the same time. I’ve included a picture of the completed blocks. Many thanks to Shawna Barris for taking the picture. Chad Stuart of USACE, Dave Haight of ODFW, and I will be placing the blocks up in the Lost Creek arm in a couple of weeks (near the Christmas tree project site).

The rest of the OBBAC project schedule includes:

1.       Saturday, June 19th:    Hyatt Lake transfer (parking & launch fees are paid by OBBAC)

2.       Sunday, July 9th:           Hyatt Lake transfer

3.       Saturday, Sept. 11th:  Annual tournament at Galesville Reservoir (entry forms available now at www.OBBAC.org )


The tournament season has begun, so stay safe, have fun, catch a bunch of great fish.


As ever,

     Lonnie Johnson

Spider Blocks

Lost Creek Spider Blocks | Print |  E-mail
Wednesday, 24 February 2010 04:18

Fellow anglers,

As most are aware, we will be holding another project this coming Saturday, Feb. 27th, at 8:30 AM, at the Corps of Engineers yard, located behind the hatchery grounds at Lost Creek. We will be building “spider blocks”. I will be gathering the needed supplies this week, loading them into my trailer, and have them on hand for the project. Anyone wishing to attend is welcome. We will be serving coffee and doughnuts, but not a full meal later. We are hoping to build 30 blocks, but I realize that is a rather ambitious goal, so what we complete will be what we place in March. If you would like to see blocks built, or (better yet) help build them, please attend. The only supplies you will need to bring will be gloves, warm clothing, and an inquiring mind.

We will be holding a short OBBAC meeting, mostly informational, just prior to the work.

I hope to see a few folks next Saturday…

Tight lines,

     Lonnie Johnson

Lost Creek Christmas Trees | Print |  E-mail
Tuesday, 09 February 2010 02:16

Hi Y’all,

Looks like we are finally going to get this party started!

On Thursday, Feb. 4th, Dave Haight, Clayton, and Zack, all from ODFW, and I moved approx. 500 trees up to our project site at Lost Creek. Len Vaglia and Chad Stuart even came up once to help us unload. Chad Stuart is the new Natural Resources Manager at Lost Creek. As per our original schedule, we will be working on the trees on Saturday, Feb. 13th.

Unfortunately, we were unable to pre-drill any trees, so we will revert to our next-best-case scenario, which is having a drill crew go up to the site an hour early to drill trees, then have the “stringing” crew arrive to begin the more strenuous exercise. So we are looking for 4-5 drills, with generators, to go up to the site around 8:30 AM. The drill crew needs to sign in around 8:00 AM at the MacGregor Visitors Center, sign new Corps of Engineers volunteer forms for 2010, get coffee & doughnuts, listen to the required safety and cooperation speech, then move up to the site. The stringing crew needs to be signing in around 9:00 AM, doing the same duties, then moving up around 9:30 AM.

We will be having hot dogs and hamburgers courtesy of the US Army Corps of Engineers immediately after we complete the trees; served up by our lovely ladies Ginny Plue and Debbie (my better half) Johnson.  Don’t forget to wish Len Vaglia a happy retirement on Saturday, as Feb. 26th is his last day at Lost Creek. Don’t expect to lose contact, however. Len wants to be a part of our habitat and enhancement family for a long time to come. He expects to catch his first ever bass at Hyatt, during our transfers this year. Len has been an important part of our work at Lost Creek over the past several years, and his “can do” attitude, and cheerful, helpful demeanor has been greatly appreciated.

As you can tell, we are stringing fewer trees this year, as opposed to the 800 trees we did last year. That is because of our new project of “spider blocks”. We will be building the blocks at the Corps of Engineers yard at Lost Creek on Feb. 27th, then leaving them to cure until March 20th, when we are scheduling to place them on the lake bottom. Len Vaglia has identified the flats areas, very near the Christmas tree rows, where the blocks will be placed. This is a pilot program of up to 30 blocks. We must also check on the condition and possible movement of the blocks over the next year.

If anyone needs transportation or information, e-mail me, call me, holler at me, text me, or just say howdy at the lake.

So, as they say Down South…. Laissez les bon temps rouler (Let the good times roll)

See you at the Visitors Center on Saturday morning!

Warm Water Working Group Update | Print |  E-mail
Sunday, 31 January 2010 00:00

Warm Water Working Group – a brief update

I went to WWWG on Jan. 29th, in Salem, and here is a synopsis of topics discussed, and items of interest to our region:

1.       Ten Mile Lakes Bass Tournament discussions – We are getting very close to a final regulation on permits for Ten Mile Lakes. The current scenario is that “grandfathered” groups will be ones who have had continuous tournament permits for the past 25 years. Currently, that includes only Umpqua Valley Bassmasters and Ten Mile Bass Club. The remaining 4 tournaments will be a random draw each year. If 5 groups are drawing, the group drawn 5th will receive a point, and be awarded a permit the following year. If more than 5, say 9 draw, then the same ruling will apply. If 5 have points on the subsequent year, then the last one will receive 2 points, to be used in the following year. A point must be used in the following year. If you fail to submit an application, you lose your point. The system will be implemented with applications being accepted on November 1st, and applications being drawn for permits on November 1st. The system will no longer be tied to the BASS Jamboree. The Jamboree will be used for discussion and organization, but the draw process will be separate. One comment and change will be that the “grandfathered” permits will have date preference. This allows them to preserve their customary date, rather than possibly be moved around, and losing potential participants. This regulation change will now be submitted to the ODFW Commission for approval and submission as an OAR (Oregon Administrative Rule).

2.       A regulation change is being formulated to institute a crappie bag limit (50) in non-ESA waters. It appears, with some possible revisions, it will be submitted in August to the Commission. Part of this change will include the “quality” designation for waters that have a high probability of success. The quality waters will have a lower bag limit (40), thereby providing an opportunity to grow larger crappie. The most important component of this submittal, in my opinion, is that it provides an implied value to the fishery, a component missing before this.

3.       There was a presentation regarding the new Invasive Species Tag, boat registration surcharge, and species identification during the working lunch. I was laboring under a misconception up to this point; in that I was told that all boats over 10 feet must have the Invasive Species tag in 2010. This is not true. If your boat registration expires at the end of 2010, then you get the proverbial “free ride” this year. If you are registering your boat this year, the tag will be forthcoming, based on the OSMB surcharge. Rick Boatner, the Invasive Species representative for ODFW, gave an overview of the process. Although the system has room for refinement, it is a beginning. I prefer this beginning over ignoring the problem because it will probably go away. THIS PROBLEM WILL NOT GO AWAY. We have seen the steady march of the invasion across the country, and we need to be proactive. I know you have all gotten tired of my preaching this sermon, but it holds true as much now as it did last year, and the year before. Rick Boatner has offered to hold the Level 1 training at any event or meeting we desire. I hope to have him or a representative hold a training at a future OBBAC meeting.

4.       I spoke with Terry Shrader, the eastern Warm Water biologist, and he has a proposition I couldn’t pass up. David Haight and I will go to Davis Lake in May, and pick up some of those Davis toads, and he will take 200 or so of our Hyatt Lake “hook-and-line” transfer beauties. I thought it sounded like a pretty fair trade, so I accepted his offer. I know he is getting the better deal, but I decided to take pity on our eastside brethren and be generous. After all, the Good Book says it is better to give than receive.


There was substantially more discussed at the meeting, and I will be happy to discuss them when next we see each other.

Until then,


Tight lines,


Lonnie Johnson


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